Sinus Lift Block graft Acellular dermal matrix Suturing of acellular dermal matrix Socket preservation and placement of acellular dermal matrix

All courses given by Advanced Dental Education Seminars have the PACE approval. We limit our courses to a maximum of 30 attendees, so that the instructor to doctor ratio allows for optimal hands-on learning. Courses have a solid clinical and evidence-based surgical foundation. We cater to doctors with varying levels of surgical experience so that they can achieve a higher proficiency in surgical procedures or fine tune their current silks. Doctors are able to not only perform all surgical procedures taught, they are also able to work with all materials and instruments that are discussed. These courses offer doctors a unique hands-on, interactive approach to learning.

Hands-on Soft Tissue Grafting, Root Coverage & Socket Preservation on Cadavers

Learn an overview of head and neck anatomy pertinent to each respective procedure, biology of wound healing, advanced surgical techniques, and related periodontal plastic procedures that may also be used in conjunction with dental implant therapy. Procedures to be covered include: harvesting of masticatory mucosa, soft tissue grafting with palatal tissue, pedicle & transpositional grafting, techniques for use of acellular dermis around teeth & dental implants, acellular dermis for predictable root coverage, acellular dermis tunnel grafting, and coronally repositioned pedicle graft.

Hands-On Basic Implant Placement Cadaver Course

Learn the fundamental biomechanics of bone and understanding of the rationale for the diagnosis, treatment planning and the clinical practice of placing root form dental implants. Additionally, an overview of informed consent, pre- & post-operative considerations along with elucidating the possible post-operative spread of infection pathways and the management of these situations.

Hands-On Soft Tissue and Advanced Bone Grafting Course on Cadavers

Learn the art and science of monocortical block grafting, sinus augmentation, regenerative membrane application, hard and soft tissue management including advanced flap manipulation and platelet rich plasma (PRP), and use of the Piezotome Unit. You will experience comprehensive biomechanical and prosthetic principles as they impact the predictability of bone grafting through comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning skills, along with extensive hands-on experience.

Hands-on Implant Placement and Restoration on Cadavers Course

This course is developed to enable the clinician to acquire the knowledge and confidence to perform advanced implant placement and restoration in the maxilla & mandible.

Live Patient Real Life Implant Surgery Course

This is a unique three-day seminar, featuring two daysof lecture and one day of clinical hands-on treatment on live patients. It offers the unique opportunity for each participant to learn real life implant dentistry. Participants could potentially perform a sinus lift, different bone grafting techniques, and implant placement (immediate or non immediate). Head and neck anatomy will be reviewed pertinent for performing implant and sinus lift surgery. Each participant will learn the placement of root form dental implants in a unique step-by-step fashion. This will be followed by treating actual live patients under the direct supervision of the course instructors.

Multi Cadaver Course Package

Save when you register for all Cadaver Courses:

  • Hands-on Soft Tissue Grafting, Root Coverage & Socket Preservation on Cadavers
  • Hands-on Basic Implant Placement on Cadavers
  • Hands-On Soft Tissue and Advanced Bone Grafting Course on Cadavers
  • Hands-on Implant Placement and Restoration on Cadavers Course