Dr. Lee Silverstein lecturing Dr. Lee Silverstein lecturing Dr. Peter Shatz with doctors in model/cadaver lab Doctors in cadaver lab Doctors placing implants in cadaver lab

Interactive Dental Education

The ADE Seminars learning experience is found nowhere else. These interactive courses include the pertinent head & neck anatomy, bone healing & biomechanics, diagnosis, treatment planning strategies, hands-on model and cadaver surgery.

Expand Your Dental Services

Our clinical and evidence-based surgical strategies help you grow your dental practice.

  • Novices will learn how to integrate predictable periodontal, surgical and esthetic procedures, block grafting, socket preservation, sinus augmentation and soft tissue procedures, as well as dental implant services into their practices.
  • Experienced clinicians will increase proficiency in esthetics and implant dentistry.
  • The services taught in our courses grow revenue in any practice.

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